We believe in getting to know people and places through commerce and design. Someone else's daily diet of lo-fi goods is simple to her yet sacred to us, and vice versa. Let's marvel at each other's mundane, because that shit is dope.

France – The Low Down Adventure

All I gotta say is – Respect. France knows how to bring high/low to life. White bread and butter for breakfast – chocolate “patisseries” that belong in a museum as an afternoon treat. Clever-ass graffiti that makes you laugh, dwarfed by architecture that gives you chills. Pimpin’ galas at Louis XIV’s Versailles to drinkin’ straight from a 3-euro bottle of red wine, Seine-side.

Paris loves luxury, and lo-fi. We were excited to pick up a thing or two.

Trackin’ down goods for the “numero deux” France Kit was dope because I knew the ropes, but needed something fresh. I headed straight for my favorite spot – a shop that students hit up for back-to-school. I figured it would be our best shot at getting the stock we needed.

Sure enough, what more could I ask – they had everything from fancy new minimalist journals to paper for the people. Freaked out when I realized how much French-made goods they were stocking!

Immediately discovered the Paper Goods and fell in love. Not only local, but offered in so many variations. Mad color options, different versions with unique numbers of pages, and distinct line designs inside – felt like they were made custom for each and every stylie customer!

On to the Writing Instrument. How ubiquitous is Bic – those pens be everywhere! But still flossin’ Frenchie roots like whoa. Was lovin’ it when I stumbled on Crystal-Fine – French-made, not distributed in the USA, and way tres fine like the French themselves. And totally stoked to offer Bic pens in green ink, ‘cause you know…Stateside they be like greenbacks – hard to snag and coveted.

Finally for the Mystery Item. Spotted these amazing plastic vinyl notebook covers in bright colors that perfectly matched the notebooks. In broken French, asked the super chic young salesman if they had more in the back, to which I got – “Non!” So disappointed! I was hooked, determined to find them elsewhere.

Headed out searching for more without much hope. But sure enough, found more at the next shop! The best part? Homie at this shop had the most unusual hair-do I’ve ever seen – a long stringy ponytail with (I swear) a toupee! I thought I was getting punk’d. If you can grow that much hair, why you need a toupee, dude?!

Can’t hate, though, cause hairless homie hooked it up. He brought the piece that made it all come together. We sure love you, France Kit #2. Bright colors like blingin’ jewels – bringin’ a touch of bling to our everyday routine!

oxxo, Sam