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France – The Low Down Adventure

France – The Low Down Adventure

With Paris Package 4.0 upon us and the bar set high, we knew we had to come with somethin’ super fly. Not just a fresh eye, but a new approach. And you know how we do – it started with food.

First stop? The grocery store. Gotta admit, I was lookin’ for my favorite Parisian snack: fake crab sticks dipped in French mayo. Not even a distant cousin to the American version – French mayo has a dash of dijon mixed in to give it a kick, and it be smooth like butter, baby, like butter… try it once and you’ll never go back.

I’ve got my mayo, standin’ at the register and BAM! Glass tube of mayonnaise hits the ground and shatters. The cashier laughs at me and tells me to go grab another.

Now I’m bookin’ through the narrow aisles tryin’ to retrace my steps to that special sauce and what do I stumble upon? Office supplies section: jackpot. I’m suddenly fallin’ for two kinds of pencils – our fave French-made eco-friendly variety, and some dope colored pencils with stripes down the side like an oh-so-classic Frenchie-striped tee. So on point, both with FRANCE written down the side. Had to make ‘em mine.

Pencils and mayo? Check. Next stop: the best student bookstore in all of Paris. A place we know well, so I was on the hunt for a new take. Didn’t take long to spot those seyes-ruled calligraphy notebooks! Each sheet lined wide with mint and lavender – we’re thinkin’ this is the elementary school version of seyes-ruled, the kind little kids used to practice their penmanship. Past France kits always focused on primary colors – it was time to step it up with some poppy secondary hues. Orange, purple, green, BOOM!

By now I needed a break – a petite pause. I jumped on the subway and headed to the marais, a chic quarter with boutiques galore. I was straight headin’ for the epicenter of the earthquake. I braced myself for the impact.

The marais was a zoo. I was weavin’ through streets like a rat in a maze, just trying to find a quiet path. Finally, the noise started to fade and I stumbled upon Papier Tigre, one of our favorite stationary spots with the most beautiful graphic notebooks and cards.

I had arrived. We wanted new? This was new. Something revolutionary to spice up the France Kit – it’s gotta be here. Then I met Maxime – the Manager. So stylie, helpful, and awesome – round-frame glasses, skinny jeans, pullover over a collared shirt.

He hooked it up. The notebooks were perfect: graphic with a touch of color on the binding. Bite-size. Ideal for the traveler.

I was stoked, and Maxime could see it. He invited me back for an event in the store two days later, complete with mini giveaways and champagne. What better way to celebrate and ring in the new?

Can’t lie, we felt proud: four years down, and still bringin’ it. We got Le Eye of Le Tigre. The France Kit ain't gettin' any younger – and age ain't nothin' but a number.

oxxo, Sam


STMT x France – Eye of Le Tigre

STMT x France – Eye of Le Tigre

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