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Chewuch Inn, Winthrop – Spot Check

Chewuch Inn, Winthrop – Spot Check

Weekend breakfast time is awesome. You’re not rushed, you’re not forcing food down as fast as you can, you’re not starin’ down the clock… Instead you’re oblivious of time. You make plans for a late brunch date, you linger over your meal, catch up about all sides of life.

Or you can be like us at the Chewuch Inn. No urgent deadline or flight to catch… just a damn tasty buffet spread with so much goodness that you keep rushing back for more. Normally you hear “hotel” and “breakfast buffet” and you find another spot to grub. But no, not the Chewuch Inn. The Chewuch does it right with homemade goodness. I mean we had to try everything – homemade granola, baked-from-scratch scones, cheesy polenta goodness, gluten-free waffles (didn’t even have to plan ahead and request it!!), the gooiest, most yummy cinnamon rolls oozing with love, banana bread so yummy you wanna steal the whole loaf…

RAD AND HUNGRY Breakfast at Chewuch Inn

Call it lingering over brunch or more like stuffing our face with all that they offered. No talking, just fork to mouth on repeat. And get this – breakfast is included! But it didn’t stop there. They even bust out homemade cookies every evening. SCORE!

The first breakfast we felt bad about not finishing a half piece of banana bread (pretty damn good considering how much we did manage to put down!). When we told the innkeeper we were going to wrap it up so it didn’t go to waste, Dan said, “Oh – well, the chickens will get it.” Luckiest chickens EVER? Hellz yeah.

Really wish I had more photos to show off the amazing spread. But I don’t. I was too busy getting my grub on. Next time… ‘cause you know there’s gonna be a next time.

oxxo, Hen


* Disclaimer – Over the last 36 months of nonstop travel, we’ve stayed at more than 40+ hotels. We’ve stayed at lots of awesome places but never felt the need to share them until the Chewuch Inn. The owners didn’t know that we were in Winthrop for a sourcing trip until minutes before we checked out. We weren’t paid to post about them, they didn’t ask for it. But for the first time ever, we knew we wanted to share about a place we stayed. You know that saying about sharing happiness? That it’s better when you share it? Well, Chewuch Inn is like that. It’s too special not share, and we’d be fools to hog it all to ourselves.

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