We believe in getting to know people and places through commerce and design. Someone else's daily diet of lo-fi goods is simple to her yet sacred to us, and vice versa. Let's marvel at each other's mundane, because that shit is dope.


Now how do you go for bronze like a local Korean do? Have mad chopstick skillz, karaoke like a champ, and be a dancin’ machine. Every local I hung out with this trip asked me 3 things. Can you use chopsticks like a Korean? Yup. I’m a pro! Are you good at karaoke? No, but I’ll bring my Dad ‘cause he can belt out a Korean folk tune that will blow you away. And lastly, do you like to dance? Um, hellz yeah, I do! The name RAD AND HUNGRY was born out of a dance off!

This month is a big month for us. We’re GOING FOR BRONZE and celebrating BIG all month. Kickin’ off the 3rd World Tour and releasing our 25th Kit?! Sweet!! Korea is the perfect country to kick off this party. My love of all things stationery and office supplies is rooted in my summers spent in Korea. And for that, Korea will always be the motherland of office supplies.

Only two things on my mind during my teenage summers spent in Korea – buying stationery supplies and hanging out at coffee shops. Fast forward to present day and my two favorite reasons to visit Korea haven’t changed. Almost the entire sourcing trip was spent in either a coffee shop or hunting down office supplies.

RAD AND HUNGRY, STMT X Korea Sourcing Trip

photo RAD AND HUNGRY / Paul’s Meringue Factory coffee from Takeout Drawing

There’s so much rad in this country that my heart was racing and my head blowing up non-stop. Finding goods wasn’t the hard part – selecting the winning items was. The first few shops stocked popular goods that are already carried stateside. So we kept movin’ on until we walked into a shop that had a HUGE selection of office supplies. My mouth dropped once I hit the notebook section – it’s like the shop owner knew my winter wardrobe is all about mint, peach, gray and white! I fell in love with a series of notebooks in dreamy pastel colors. How excited am I to coordinate my outfits with notebooks from Korea?!

So stinkin’ excited and searching for something to match the notebooks. I rushed over to the calendar section ‘cause it’s the perfect time to include one in an STMT Kit. And there it was – a soft orange weekly planner. Simple and super functional, with plenty of space for notes for each day.

And then I continued to hunt… I was fiending for the perfect pen to use with the planner. I noticed a large selection of “sign pens”, aka felt-tip and permanent markers. We haven’t included either in past kits so I started testing ‘em out. Instantly fell in love with the classic black .3mm felt-tip pen. I love the delicate, super fine tip. It’s common to find .3mm or .4mm in every shop in Korea, not so much in the States. The fine tips make me write slower, it forces me to focus on my penmanship.

Feelin’ like a champ for scorin’ sweet loot for our 25th Kit. Hi-fivin’ cause we got a good feelin’ about the 3rd World Tour. Bustin’ out dance moves cause we got no shame. Yup, we’re all about the bronze, baby.

oxxo, Hen