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Striking gold on the internets is magical. Schoolyard Pencil Fighting Goes Pro? I mean helllooooo? Rules and penalties, Ticonderoga No. 2s… break an opponent’s pencil with your best strike. W.X.P.F.L. (yes, that’s the World Extreme Pencil Fighting League) is too cool for school (with championships and everything!). We wanted in from the moment we discovered them, and when we realized that they are based in Seattle… we had to make it happen.

W.X.P.F.L, World Extreme Pencil Fighting League
photo courtesy of W.X.P.F.L.

Which is why we’re super stoked to announce our sponsorship of the W.X.P.F.L. And people, GET READY -  we’re gonna be premiering our very own RAD AND HUNGRY Pencil Fighter! We got a special kit in the works for the premier and will be hooking up RAHstrs in attendance. Follow us on 
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We chatted with W.X.P.F.L. founder and MC Jake Stratton, aka “The Professor”, and asked him why he loves the sport:

What’s so badass about W.X.P.F.L.? Why should people be lining up for hours to go to a show?

Sex, spectacle, splintered wood, it’s everything anyone would leave the house for. It’s all the best things about sports without all that sports to get in the way. Always a chance for an audience member to battle a pro and win prizes from our awesome sponsors, it’s a schoolyard sport that takes an instant to learn and a lifetime to master!

How long do you think it will be before the Fire Department will force you to get a bigger venue? ‘Cause you know that it’s gonna happen!

I don’t want to start any rumors, but all this bluster about building another arena to bring The Sonics back is actually a smokescreen to use taxpayer dollars to build a new Pencil Fighting Stadium. It’s for everybody’s best interest. Extreme Pencil Fighting IS America’s Fastest Growing Deathsport, after all.

Why are you excited about the RAD AND HUNGRY sponsorship?

Because RAH is re-imagining office and school supplies the same way that W.X.P.F.L. re-imagines sports. Plus they share our love for pencils, whether or not those pencils are used to create or destroy.



- Show W.X.P.F.L.? some love – go like their Facebook Page!

- The latest batch of Vintage Pencils hails from Spain. Check out that Barca action!

- Alex asks: “
Is it just me, or are RAD AND HUNGRY’s kits just getting better and better????” We’d like to think so!


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