We believe in getting to know people and places through commerce and design. Someone else's daily diet of lo-fi goods is simple to her yet sacred to us, and vice versa. Let's marvel at each other's mundane, because that shit is dope.

Brackish – Design Duo in Seattle, WA

Brackish – Design Duo in Seattle, WA

Hands down, summertime is the best time in Seattle. What’s so magical about our summers? WATER. No matter where you look, you’re surrounded by water. All kinds of water to mess around in. Kayak in Lake Union, swim in Green Lake, ferry across to Bainbridge, sail the Puget Sound…

Chances are high you’ve got a sailing connection if you’re a Seattleite. That’s how I met Andy, half of the super badass duo behind Brackish. We connected during an evening of sailing ‘round the Sound – and within minutes started dreaming up a collab featuring desk accessories.

RAD AND HUNGRY: Brackish 1

It was an obvious fit for RAD AND HUNGRY – we’re always down to collab with people who love design, travel, and office supplies. Totally Andy. He’s all about designing experiences, whether through interiors – furniture and home goods – or an entire vacation retreat (he’s got BIG things comin’ up!!). He designs with intention, he focuses on details that allow you to fully appreciate his products while interacting with ‘em.

RAD AND HUNGRY: Brackish Sofa
RAD AND HUNGRY: Brackish Dining Chair
RAD AND HUNGRY: Glasswing, Seattle 1

Andy is the creative muscle behind Brackish – Forest is the business heavy. Together they’re nonstop cranking out awesomeness. The entire PNW (and beyond) is Andy and Forest’s playground. I love checking out photos of their adventures and furniture on Instagram and getting the full adventure over on their blog. The photos sweep me away to another world and make me wanna jump in a car and chase it down.

Brackish: Gothic Basin 1
Brackish: Gothic Basin 2
Brackish: Artist Point 1
Brackish: Artist Point 2

It took a few years to make our collab happen but it was worth the wait. Given how much both Andy and I both obsess about every design detail, after many many happy hours plus a RAD AND HUNGRY road trip… we did it!

RAD AND HUNGRY X Brackish Collection 1
RAD AND HUNGRY X Brackish Collection 2
RAD AND HUNGRY X Brackish Collection 3

The first two pieces of an ongoing collection that totally reflect the RAH love of lo-fi goods while remaining true to Brackish’s mantra of using locally sourced, reclaimed materials. The ultra-light drawing board included in the STMT Kit X USA is perfect for packin’ along for any trip. (Whether it’s jetting across the country to moving across the room to the couch. That journey can be epic, too.) The combo business card holder and pen holder included in the Booster Pack X USA… hello, DESK ENVY! Perfect for displayin’ your RAH RAH membership card, too!

RAD AND HUNGRY: Glasswing, Seattle 2
RAD AND HUNGRY: Glasswing, Seattle 2
RAD AND HUNGRY: Glasswing, Seattle 4

Seattle is a massive sea of changes. It’s awesome watching Andy and Forest navigate the ever-moving landscape and kill it. You can shop their furniture collection online or swing through Forest’s brick-and-mortar store, Glasswing, a beautiful shop in the super-cute Melrose Market that’s perfectly merchandised with so much cool. SWOON. I love geeking down about design with them and super stoked we’re cranking out rad to share with RAHstrs!

oxxo, Hen

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