We believe in getting to know people and places through commerce and design. Someone else's daily diet of lo-fi goods is simple to her yet sacred to us, and vice versa. Let's marvel at each other's mundane, because that shit is dope.


Surf, sun, Sand(y) and lo-fi goods. The trip that was never planned and never meant to be. But in the end – one of our raddest adventures and some of our sunniest office supplies. One bright yellow notebook, one oh-so-colorful pencil, and one rainbow-shaped protractor – it’s STMT X PUERTO RICO.

RAD AND HUNGRY STMT X Puerto Rico protractor
RAD AND HUNGRY STMT X Puerto Rico Pencils

Had a different kit planned for November, but had to roll with the punches ‘cause FedEx got our plans bunched up. We packed our bags and took off searching for office supplies and perfect breaks to surf in Puerto Rico. Had some Sandy issues and rode backseat to a surfboard, but it didn’t matter. Scored goods that scream sunshine and good times – we’re hopin’ it brings a smile to all you East-Coast RAHstrs!

Check out the Puerto Rican goods in the kit, and read the Low Down to learn about the never-meant-to-be sourcing trip.


the RAD AND HUNGRY posse

PS – Subscribers! No color selection this month, so kick back and wait for that postman to come a-knockin’!


Puerto Rico – The Low Down Adventure

Puerto Rico – The Low Down Adventure